Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

We went south for new years to hang out with my family. They have some serious snow, which was perfect for what David wanted to do.We went to the Dude Ranch for some snow shoeing.
This is the Hurst's cabin the kids could just climb on the roof without any trouble. Klea thought it would be good to shovel the snow off the roof. So that is why they got up.
Abi and Spencer on top.
David and Kade
Spencer trying to get up. Such a cute little snow bunny!
Spencer found the horse swing to play on.
Lizz and my dad.
William after tubing for a while. He was covered in snow. Some how we got all the way to b-town without his winter coat. He survived with his BYU hoody.
My dad and Trevor helping David make a snow cave. David wanted to try making a snow cave in preparations for a winter snow camp.
Trevor helping get the snow out of the cave.
David inside the snow cave. It was quite spacious, but I rather not be an occupant.

Abi lookin' in the cave.
Me, Trevor, Lizz, My dad, and Spencer right before we headed up the big hill. It actually wasn't too bad climbing the hill with the snow shoes. I think this is just the beginnings of our snow shoeing adventures.


Chyrisse said...

Wow! Lots of fun things you all've been doing. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I've had to start playing catch up on my blog too. I need to do better taking pictures.

Nance said...

Oh my gosh you guys are awesome!! Snowshoeing!! I am truly impressed!! I love the pictures on the roof!!

Andrea said...

I love that snowcave. That is very impressive. But I am with you - I think I might get claustrophobic. The amount of snow is impressive too! Fun to find your blog! =)

Andrea said...

That must be the thing this year.... snow shoeing. I hear of everyone doing it. Maybe one day...

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